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Full Sets

Swish Lashes (Intro Half Set)- $100.00

Swish lashes are a half set just to introduce you to eyelash extensions. If you aren't sure you will like the full set this is a great option to start with. 60 Minute application time.

Luxe Lashes (Natural Set)- $135.00

A natural looking full set of extensions to make your eyes pop and look as if you are wearing mascara with no make up at all. 60 Minute application time

Lavish Lashes (Dramatic Set)- $180.00

A dramatic looking full set of extensions to make you have "Look at Me" Lashes. This set is a thicker and more glamours look. 75 Minute application time.

Luscious Lashes (Ellipse Lashes)- $195.00

An extra dramatic look for clients always wanting more. These flat, sheen lashes give that extra pop. Great for photo shoots and people who want to have their lashes noticed at all times. 

Set Upgrade From Luxe to Lavish- $60.00

Originally had Luxe set put on but decide you want more dramatic?Upgrade to Lavish within the first week of having the Luxe set applied.


1-2 Week Fill- $55.00

Luscious 1-2 Week Fill- $60.00

For clients who have a fast growth cycle.

3 Week Fill- $75.00

Luscious 3 Week Fill- $80.00

The most common fill time to keep your lashes full and luscious.

4 Week Fill- $90.00

Luscious 4 Week Fill- $95.00

The last chance to get a fill before a new set will be applied. By this time a lot of lashes will be grown out.

**After 4 weeks  will be charged a full set.**


Removal- $25.00

Removal of my work for clients who wish to take a "lash break" or only had them on for a special occasion and would like them to be taken off.

Removal Other- $35.00

Removal of another technicians work. Clients who request a new set at time of removal will not be charged.

Emergency Removal from Other- $50.00

Removal of another technicians work that has "botched" your lashes. Whether you have an allergic reaction, if the tech has used too much glue or if they are too heavy for your eyes. This is an emergency service that needs to be done same day or ASAP. Please call for same day appointment.

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